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Dryvit Outsulation systems utilize exterior continuous insulation (ci) and are engineered, rigorously tested, Code compliant, exterior claddings that provide beauty and protection for the vertical wall surfaces of the building envelope. Most importantly, and as the name suggests, they are highly energy efficient insulated cladding systems that place insulation on the outside of the wall, where building scientists say it is most effective. Literally, the Systems function as a vapor permeable blanket for the building.

Dryvit Outsulation Systems can be installed in either 'barrier' or 'moisture drainage' configurations, depending upon project specifications. Both are engineered and tested to perform in all climates on almost all types of commonly-used construction methods.

Since 1969, Dryvit Outsulation Systems have been installed on over 400,000 projects in North America - over 2 billion square feet! Put another way, if this square footage was a single wall, stretched across the US from New York to San Francisco, the wall would be over 150 feet high!

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