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This educational program improves the understanding and knowledge of EIFS mechanics. It teaches them tried and true techniques or reminds them of the right ways so as to reduce problems. Those who successfully complete the course will have a greater perspective and more pride and confidence in their work. As a result, the building owner gets an EIFS installation made with a trained work force, and the contracting company gains from an informed employee and an improved bottom line.

EIFS Mechanics’ Certificate provides benefits to the company that has been provided with the knowledge from the program as well as benefits to the building owner. Some of these benefits are:

  • Improved application quality
  • Fewer callbacks
  • Improved EIFS insurance negotiations
  • Increase the employers' competitive edge
  • Learn what doesn't work and the negative consequences
  • Manage risk by reducing exposure and liability
  • Ensure consistency of standards in job performance

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The EIFSmart Contractor is a recognition awarded to companies that are committed to quality workmanship in exterior insulation and finish systems. The company demonstrates its merit and commitment through EIFS education and certification. The recognition requires that a specified percentage of the employees have been educated in EIFS application and theory, according to industry standards and accepted means and methods of high-quality installations. There is accountability to the distinction such as adhering to a Code of Ethics. This entails, among other things, that the company employ trained and tested personnel in the EIFS–Doing It Right methods. Only those who pass a rigorous examination earn the certification. These personal certifications are a requirement for the company recognition.

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Building Trades Association (BTA)is made up of thousands of companies involved in all phases of the building and construction industries. BTA was formed to provide services for its members saving them valuable time and money.
The Building Trades Association made arrangements with Insurance Companies, Lenders, and Service Providers to benefit the membership. The Financial Institutions look at our members as part of our group, not just by volume of business or the amount of employees each member may have. The more members the greater our bargaining power and services are offered on a best effort basis.

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